Cameron Thomas

Candidate for Tewkesbury

Cameron Thomas is a local RAF Veteran, environmental campaigner and volunteer. With 23 years Served, he recently resigned from the Armed Forces to stand up for Tewkesbury Constituency, where he raises his family.


Cameron joined the RAF at the age of 17, initially within the ranks and later served as a Commissioned Officer. He has served several operational tours which include Iraq, United Arab Emirates and the Falkland Islands. Motivated primarily by helping others, Cameron also served heavily in the training environment, including a tour as a Drill Instructor, training 1000 Recruits over 3 years.


In August 2021, Cameron's team was integral to planning the successful British withdrawal from Afghanistan. Later that year, Cameron deployed to East Midlands NHS, to plan and deliver the rollout of Covid-19 Vaccines across Leicestershire and Rutland.


When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, Cameron and volunteers across Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire coordinated to send several lorries of supplies to those affected.


Cameron is a passionate traveller and sub-aqua Dive Master. He has campaigned for cleaner rivers and oceans, as well as sustainability legislation. In Gloucestershire, he continues to speak out about the awful pollution in the River Severn, which runs through and regularly floods our constituency.


About the coming General Election, Cameron said: "Our sitting MP seems more concerned with the betting industry than his constituents. I will continue my public service for the people of this constituency. 


After 4 years of this government, people feel the situation is hopeless. I will stand to restore that hope."

Cameron Thomas

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